Employee Attitude toward Organization Scale: A Likert Instrument


by: Marshaley J. Baquiano, Analyn Grace D. Torrijos, Roberto S. Salva


This study constructs an instrument measuring employees’ attitude toward their organization using the Likert Scale. The Employee Attitude toward Organization Scale is composed of 18 items along four primary dimensions that are themselves subscales: Organizational Culture, which has nine items, and Corporate Communication, Compensation, and Commitment, which have three items each. High score indicates positive attitude while low score indicates negative attitude toward one’s employing organization. The study uses known groups method, discriminant analysis, reliability analysis, and factor analysis, using a sample of 204 public and private school teachers from various parts in the Philippines, to validate the scale. The scale has a McDonald’s Omega=0.909 and Cronbach’s Alpha=.910. The findings of the study point to the value of Likert scale in measuring employees’ attitudes toward their organization. Surveys like this can provide organizations with data that point to turnover intentions of their employees and can guide them in reinforcing positive employee relations and work environment.

Keywords: attitude scale, attitude toward organization, Likert scale