The Panay Bukidnon Sugidanon (Epic) and Prototype Glossaries for Epic Excerpts


by: Maria Theresa C. Albaña


In this paper, I aim to explain the sugidanon (epics) and present prototype glossaries for epic excerpts. As an heir to the epic chanting tradition coming from a family line of manugsugidanon (epic chanters), I seek to answer several questions raised regarding epic chanting and how it can be learned and mastered. Based from personal experience as an Indigenous Peoples (IP) teacher, I explain in detail several lines in the sugidanon accompanied by a glossary of terms in sinauna nga Kinaray-a (archaic Kinaray-a) to Hiligaynon, Filipino, and English. Finally, I reveal why I had made a commitment to learning and teaching the epics which is a very challenging job.

Keywords: Panay Bukidnon, sugidanon, epic, glossary