The Panay Bukidnon Talda: Expressing Sentiments in Shifiting Music Ecologies


by: Jose R. Taton, Jr.


Shifting musical ecologies have left considerable impacts on the production of meaning in Panay Bukidnon traditional music. In this paper, I review the shifting meanings of sentiment in the talda (musical repartee) as performers become continually entangled in the mainstream musical milieu and as cultural production of music is negotiated. Specifically, I explore how the song form becomes a conduit of expressive sentiment. I look at how they address diverse musical contexts in their effort to enliven traditional practice and traverse urban spaces. From a localized sound knowledge where sentiments of love are expressed, music now informs sentiments on identity, empowerment, and safeguarding intangible cultural heritage.

Keywords: Panay Bukidnon, talda, music ecology