Tuos and Foregrounding of Gahum in the Sugidanon Epics Tikum Kadlum and Amburukay


by: Adhoniz B. Rebong


This study examines the concepts of gahum and tuos in the Panay sugidanon (epics) Tikum Kadlum and Amburukay. It examines the texts by identifying the factors which manifest gahum and tuos, by analyzing their usage in the narratives, and by revealing the relevance in the representation of the Panayanon worldview. The analysis characterizes the gamhanan in the narratives; forgrounds the concept of gahum in the familial and communal interactions; and explains how tuos generates gahum in the context of the two sugidanon tales. The study asserts that the Panayanon worldview contributes to the creation of gahum, in the same manner that, together with the tuos, it plays a major role in the social and political decisions of the characters.

Keywords: tuos, gahum, sugidanon, epics, Panay